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World Building

Menyr is a world building engine at its core. Here’s an overview of the implemented features allowing you to generate worlds in a few minutes with ease.

Procedural Landscape

Create more than 38²Miles, or 100km² of randomly generated terrain in a few seconds.
From forests to caves, beaches, deserts and mountains, use our engine to generate unexplored worlds with one click.
When you are done generating, you can fine tune to your liking and move anything, down to a single rock.


You can shape the ground to your liking with powerfull and easy to use tools. Add, substract, flatten, smooth, whange water levels or even use 3D models as your brush, great for adding entire mountain ranges in seconds.

Biome Adaptation

You can change the biome of your maps on the fly by simply painting the ground. This will adapt the world characteristics in real time, such as the ground texture, grass type, sorts of trees, rocks, etc.

Dungeons, Villages and Buildings

Generate entire dungeons on multiple levels. Choose the number of rooms and levels maximum, then watch your dungeons be created before your eyes. When you are satisfied, move any room, add any object or move anything in real time.
Our village generator will allow from single house to medium sized village to be created, draw roads with the free hand tool, and enter any structure generated!

All-Universes Ready

We chose Heroic Fantasy as our first focus because it is the most popular setting and we are D&D players ourselves. It doesn’t mean that you will be limited to that in the future. We designed the engine to make any RPG or any setting available.

Our Service
Our Service


As the main reason people play TTRPGs, Menyr keeps storytelling as the major focus.


The Codex acts as a Wiki for your entire lore, from city names to NPCs, regions, maps, landmarks, etc. Later on during the development, you will be able to generate boards from your Codex entries.

Time, Weather and Seasons control

Set the time of day and night, change the size or brightness of the moon and adapt the speed of time to fit your game style.
Set the weather to any preset: rain, fog, snow, windy, change the wind direction, increase cloud coverage or move the sun position in the sky in real time. You can also change to any season and watch your world evolve: leaves changing and turning red in autumn, leafless trees and shorter days during the winter etc.

Tabletop Tools

Use the Measuring tool to find out exactly how far apart your character is from the monster, or a simple foot counter if you’re playing with the grid on.
Use the Template tool to store or create spells AOE, auras and other templates.

Points of Interest

As a GM, use the powerful POI feature: go anywhere in your world, set the mood you want (weather, FX, time of day, music, etc) and save your view as a POI. Later on during your play sessions, call any POI onto your GM screen, or teleport your players to it.

Music & SFX

Play any music or playlist of your making for you and your players. You can set a combat playlist that starts automatically when you enable combat mode.
In any scene, Menyr will detect all the different sounds or SFX currently playing (crackling of fire, wind in the trees, waves, etc). You will be able to adjust their volume and frequency.

Our Service
Our Service

Planning Your Games

Planning sessions is time-consuming for the DM, we’re making this task as easy and quick as possible so you can focus on actually playing. On top of all the procedural generation tools, here’s what you can count on.

Asset Toolbox

You will have your own asset inventory that you can choose from. Just drag & drop any item into the world, scale, rotate and start using it in game.

Cinematic Camera

Use the built-in Cinematic Camera to take high quality screenshots at any moment, change the focal lenght, aperture, add filters, like with a real life camera. You can also create mini teasers for your players.


This is where you create everything ranging from world to characters, campaigns and maps. In this mode, the UI will be specific to world building and you will have options to hide some graphics to optimize for computer performance.

Complex Events

You will be able to create full events including timed world changes, characters, voices, music, weather events or anything you can think of and decide on triggers. Your events can start when you decide to with the click of a button or have a world trigger that your players can activate by exploring.

Our Service
Our Service

Full Virtual Table Top

Bring your friends in Menyr and play your favourite RPG directly in engine with all the GM tools you need.

Game Systems

Menyr will come with a customizable game system. People can create any game system directly in-engine complete with character stats, spell range, dice maccros and more. Game Systems can be shared with the community on the Marketplace.

Combat System

As soon as you hit the combat button, your players freeze and you can now use our combat system to spawn enemies, move characters around, track initiative, HP and more.

Grid Layers

Toggle or rescale the square grid, hexa grid or display no grid at all. You can also activate or deactivate the snap function to keep combat clear.

Dice Vault

Create shortcuts of any dice selection you like, add modifiers, then make the roll! You can keep track of the results in the chat and watch out for special effects when a crit occurs!

Character Panel

Every player can edit their character sheet, check their inventory, spell books etc. As a DM, choose any status effect like frost, burning, poisoned etc to display on the player avatar and on the hover bar in game.

Pen System

Use the Pen Function to draw on the map as a player and select who can see it. As a DM you also have two special pens: the invisible wall and the fog of war. This allows you to prevent your players from accessing or seeing a certain area until you choose.


Almost everything accessible in Menyr UI can de dragged & dropped in the shortcut bar at the bottom so you can quickly access your favorite actions like a particular weather, spawning a monster, rolling a specific set of dice, etc.

Our Service
Our Service

Every Game Style

If you want to play in person with your group and cast your world on a flat or vertical screen and chose top view, orthographic, top down etc.
If you play fully online with your group, anyone can play in any view they want, even in first person view, but you can restrict any view you like as a GM.

Dual Screen

As a Game Master, you can cast a “Player Screen” online or on a TV all the while you can use your “Game Master Screen” to use your tools and see what your players can’t.

Tabletop View

Play from your campaign Lobby around the virtual table like you would in real life with your friends. The tabletop can rotate, scale or zoom any world or dungeon you have created, allowing you to drag & drop monsters and of course jump right into the world at any time.

First Person View

Jump in your world and fly around unrestricted or walk in your world at human speed. This view can be restricted by the DM for gameplay purposes. As a DM, you can also possess any character in your world in one click.

Special Views

You can also change to “top view without perspective”, great for casting on a flat TV or “45° isometric” if you have a specific way to play in mind.

Our Service
Our Service


Menyr is fully multiplayer and community based so we developed features to have a great experience while playing with friends.

The Lobby

You can create a Lobby for any campaign you are playing, specific to your group. Here your characters will meet before adventuring and have access to merchants, showcase their achievements, access the quest board, review maps and strategize. This is highly customizable to fit your party style and preferences.

Chat, Note, and Ping system

You can use the integrated chat system to talk with the whole party or send secret notes to any player.
You can also ping anything in game or the minimap so players can focus their attention where you want. As a DM you can teleport your players to your ping.


You will be able to record your play session and replay your whole game later on. This will record the events on a timeline and you will be able to review and take screenshots and videos.

Dedicated Servers

You can host your games on your own computer, but we also offer a service for dedicated servers in which your worlds stay persistent even when you log off..

Our Service
Our Service

Customized Experience

We believe in the power of the community, Neverwinter, Skyrim, Foundry, all have been lifted to greatness in part thanks to the modding community. We have enjoyed the content for years and it is time for us to give back.
Menyr will be fully moddable and you will be able to import any 3D model or 2D asset you like into the engine.

Fully Moddable

Menyr will come with a mod SDK so the community can create what we have not yet implemented. Almost everything in Menyr can be modded, from Game Systems to the UI, interactions, the VTT tools, and more.

Community Marketplace

This is the place where anyone can share their content. Whether you are a character builder, a map maker, a musician, or even a campaign creator, almost everything can be shared here for free or for a price if you’re a content creator looking for a way to make a living.

Character Library

Customize characters with the Character Creator and save them in your library for an access any time you want. Whether it is a playable character, a monster or an NPC, you can select the look and attach stats, inventory and lore to it.

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