What is Menyr?

Menyr is a storytelling engine designed to allow players to create worlds in seconds and play directly in the virtual tabletop with your friends. Great for playing TTRPGs, you will be able to change the mood of your scenes in real time, adventure and fight into your worlds with AAA graphics.

You can choose to play entirely online, or cast Menyr on your screen during an “in person” session.
From generating procedural dungeons to changing biomes on the fly, rolling the dice and accessing your character sheet, there is everything you need to play your favourite role playing game with Menyr.


All for free.

Generate entire worlds in seconds

What started as a fun idea amongst Dungeon & Dragons enthusiasts became a full on dream project that blew records on Kickstarter back in 2022.


Our dream is to create the best and most comprehensive table top engine to date with high-end graphics, procedural generations, multiplayer, community driven and highly customizable.

The Menyr team

Complete virtual tabletop experience

Menyr is built around four design pillars. Going forward into development we will always keep those as our guide.


Storytelling is the center piece of the Menyr experience. With that in mind, we designed the engine to be as frictionless as possible with a simple to use but powerfull UI and features. Immersion is paramount and we’ll keep this in mind for every new feature we develop.


Everything can be generated by the engine for you so you won’t have to spend hours upon hours to prepare your games. You can then fine tune anything to match exactly what you have in mind.


The community is a central piece of the puzzle so it made sense to us to have Menyr free for everyone. You will be able to create, share and modify worlds, characters, events and more.


Menyr was build with customization in mind and you will be able to tailor the experience to your specific likings. Add-ons and mods are not only allowed, they are encouraged. From the Character Sheet to your favourite Tokens and Dice Sets, you will be the one deciding what your experience will look like.

Focus on storytelling and let us do the rest.


Here are the most asked questions we received. If you still don’t have the answer to yours, please get in touch with our team on Discord or via email.

Menyr is a storytelling Engine. It is a fully developped Virtual TableTop that can generate random worlds for you as well as play with your friends around a single screen or remotely online.

Menyr is free for everyone. We will offer a variety of cosmetic items for you to customize your experience ranging from dice with special critical effects, to exclusive character skins, alternate lobby for your group, etc. No feature will be behind a paywall, all can play with the same tools for free.

Menyr is system agnostic, meaning that it is not made for a specific RPG system. Our character sheet and game system features will allow for deep customization and community sharing. 

Menyr will be released at the end of 2024. The Closed Beta has been going on since june of 2023. Please head to the roadmap page for more details.

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