General Questions

Menyr is a storytelling engine. It is a 3D Virtual TableTop that can generate random worlds for you as well as play with your friends around a single screen or remotely online.

Menyr is free for everyone: no feature will be locked behind a paywall, all can play with the same tools for free. A variety of purchasable cosmetic items and services will allow you to customize your experience. Cosmetics will include dice with special critical effects, exclusive character skins, alternate lobbies for your group, and more.

Menyr will be released by the end of 2024. The Kickstarter backer Closed Beta is ongoing since June 2023. Please head to the roadmap page for more details.

Yes. As of right now, we will focus on Heroic Fantasy as it is the most popular setting and we play DnD ourselves, but Menyr is meant to allow for all settings. As you will be able to import your own models, create custom game systems and mod the engine, you will be able to play your favorite TTRPG at launch no matter which one.

Menyr is currently in its closed beta stage, which means that Kickstarter backers are now able to experience it live and give valuable feedback for us to improve. Most of the basic worldbuilding features are currently implemented, with more complex ones and VTT features coming later during the beta phase. We encourage you to go over our roadmap page to get more details about where we are currently.

Both NOG and our community are working on campaigns that will be available at a later date. Stay tuned for information on this on our Discord channel and social medias.

Not at first, as we are focusing on the most important features of worldbuilding and VTT systems first, but it will be available later on during release. We aim to allow you to customize your figures and your player characters as much as possible including stuff variations and color changes. More will come with time.

Right now the best thing you can do to help Menyr is to spread the word. Every mention, image share, social media post counts. If anything, talking about it with your friends is how we get the ball rolling. We encourage you to also join us on our Discord channel to be a part of the conversation and have a chance to influence Menyr development.

Menyr Software

Yes, Menyr will allow importing your own 3D models, 2D maps, character models and more later on. You can also export 2D images.

We have identified a few ways to make switching from one map to another during game easy and convenient for players and Game Masters alike. You will hear from us as soon as we have settled on a solution.

Menyr will release on PC first. We will announce later on when we have an ETA on other platforms like Mac.

Yes, Menyr is built from the beginning with modding in mind. We want you to have easy access to a wide range of community content on the marketplace, from game systems to specific character sheets, UI, spells templates and more. We will release an SDK for you to be able to mod.

Menyr will release on Steam for free. 

System requirements so far is a 1080Ti or any 2x 3x generation as it’s required to render. We are working on a solution to use Menyr in browser but it’ll require to access your computer from a distance or through a paid service.

We are actively engaged in discussions with companies such as Hero Forge and Pixel Dice to seamlessly integrate their services into Menyr using APIs and other methods.

As for companies like DnDBeyond, we are currently awaiting their response but remain committed to reaching out to them in the future.

You will be able to share all of that and more either on the official or community Marketplace!
Additionnally, we will do our best to make your work on other VTTs and tools compatible with Menyr.

Terrain generation employs procedural algorithms to rapidly create expansive environments like forests, beaches, deserts, and more. Within seconds, these algorithms bring entire terrains to life. Users can easily customize various aspects, such as vegetation density, foliage height, and more, to achieve their desired visual aesthetics. Similarly, non-terrain features like settlements and dungeons follow similar procedural generation principles, but with an even higher level of customization. This allows users to have precise control over the generation process, resulting in unique and immersive experiences.


We are going to use a custom Game Systems feature. It allows for fully customizable character sheets, automated rolls formulas, spells range, custom dice, templates, and much more. People can create any Game System directly in Menyr and share it with the community on the Marketplace.

This is encouraged. You can share your work on the Marketplace for free or for a price.

You will have a measurment tool that gives you an accurate or simplified measurement depending on wheather you enable the grid tool or not. For AoE circles and other templates, we will provide basic ones that you can customize but we believe the best and most advanced ones will come from community mods.

Menyr let’s you generate procedural terrain up to 100 km² or about 38²miles.

There will be special effects like customizable lights, special dice sets (fire dice, lightning dice trail etc), bonfires, lightning storms and more. In terms of interactive effects like fireballs, poison arrow etc, we will have some drag & droppable ones but not connected to any gameplay at Menyr release. The community will be able to create and share complex special effects.

Yes there are multiple ways to deal with events like this.

1. you don’t want players to wander too far in the forest you made but still want them to explore: use the collision pen and draw a zone on the map. Players will not be able to go beyond and an invisible wall will stop them.

2. if you don’t want them to explore in first person view for whatever reason, you can also restrict a certain view, forcing them to explore in top view for example (like Divinity).

3. You can press the combat button to freeze all your players on the spot.

4. You can use the complex event feature that does triggers: draw an invisible square on the ground, when any player steps on it, it does a “macro” of actions like : freeze players>show trap>start combat music 2>fog 50%

Yes, this includes a wagon that will serve as a shared storage space. It is important to note that vehicles will not be drivable until further into the engine development. However, we are confident that the community will be able to introduce fantastic and innovative vehicle types to the game as well.

Yes, we will include basic animations for characters, monsters, and environment to enhance immersion. While animations require significant resources, we believe these additions will improve the overall gaming experience. As we continue to develop and gain more resources, we plan to expand and enhance the animation features in the future.


You will be able to fully customize it, including deciding the color of the global light, have the weather be triggered by an action, or even change the amount of moons and suns in the skies.

The Codex is a compilation of all character sheets, monsters informations, locations informations, npc informations, everything that makes up your world. You will be able to customize it extensively, to decide which pages your players can and cannot see, and to get or share pages or parts of your Codex on the marketplace.
Later on, it will be possible to automatically generate Codices entries from places you create in Menyr, or th other way around.

NOG Studio

NOG is a french game studio specialized in real time graphics and Unreal Engine experts. With clients like EmberLab (Kena), EA, Ubisoft, Cyanide and more, we have a proven track record of AAA productions.

Menyr is our first in-house project and we are absolutely excited to bring it to the public.

If you want to know more about us or are interested in joining the team, we often have several open positions so don’t hesitate to check our website: https://nogstudio.com

We keep an eye on that, first of all, this isn’t our first rodeo. We at NOG have extensive AAA production experience so we know how to be realistic with our goals and resources. We will implement mandatory features first and will expand from there. We will also consult the community to identify what you want to see first and what can wait. This will ground us to what you guys want to have with Menyr even if we ultimately will make the decisions as we have all cards in hand (ressources, experience, etc).

We are counting mainly, but not exclusively, on the official and community marketplace. This is where content creators can sell what they created for a price (map, character, scenario, music etc), we take a fair cut to continue developing Menyr and pay our staff. We believe that making the best tool possible accessible to everyone will make this all work.

You can find open positions or send a spontaneous application on our website at https://nogstudio.com/careers/