How to join the BETA ?

Follow our short tutorial!

Step 1: create a NOG account
Create or connect to an already existing NOG account.
Step 2: Buy access to the Menyr Beta
Purchase the Menyr Beta if you didn’t back us on Kickstarter or Backerkit, or upgrade to Game Master if you backed us at a Raconteur or Narrator tier that did not include Game Master access.
Step 3: Download Menyr on Steam
Please install the Playtest available on our Steam page. Click on Request Access and you'll instantly start downloading the game. You do NOT need a Steam key to get access to Menyr. 
Step 4: Invite your friends and play!
Invite any player that has his own seat or as many guests as you have guest seats through the Steam Invite feature.  (ps: all players need to play on the same build for multiplayer to work.)