Current state of Menyr

    Q4 2024

World Building




Game Planning


VTT Functions


Multi View Gameplay








Production Roadmap

Q3 2019

Codename UTC is created

UTC begins as a dream project amongst the NOG team, design bible is being drawn up, production is planned.

Q4 2019

Production begins

The ground base for UTC is made for VR on Unreal Engine 4 at the time. At this point, the project is worked on during the team's free time and using NOG's savings to fund the project.

Q2 2020

First visuals of the project

This is an important moment and UTC takes shape. The first prototype of the virtual table sees the light.

Q2 2021

UTC main features ready

Development is ongoing, big technological and strategic choices are made like switching to Unreal Engine 5. Multiplayer is on the way, terraforming, procedural generation, biomes, grid system etc are live.

Q1 2022

Menyr is born

The core team grows, UTC find its identity under the name of Menyr. The first multiplayer playable version is functional, the brand is being created and production is ramping up to it's goal of releasing the crowdfunding campaign by the beginning of fall.

Q3 2022

Menyr Kickstarter Campaign

We finally meet our community and hope we can build the best engine possible together!

June 2023

Menyr Closed Beta

The closed beta will be released to select backers

Q4 2024

Menyr 1.0 release

After about a year of Closed Beta, Menyr will release for free to everyone!

What's next?

Menyr’s main features are listed in the Detailed Features page and will be our focus going toward the 1.0 release. When all is done, here is a list of features we would love to develop and already have on our rad
ar. Developping these means a lot of work and resources and will depend greatly on the success of our Kickstarter Campaign.

Full Erosion System

With only a slider, you will be able to make the time do it’s work: full landscape erosion, building destruction, material aging, etc.

Voice Building

With the press of a button, initiate voice commanded world building.

Face Link

You will be able to act out your characters expressions in game using your compatible device.

Character Builder

Full photorealistic character design down to the smallest detail.


Menyr available in VR and AR.

Spectator Mode

You will be able to join a public game as a spectator. Join your favourite streamer and explore their worlds yourself.

Procedural Gameplay

From procedural plots to traps, name generator, cities politics and religions, generate anything directly in Menyr.

Story Compendium

Write your stories directly in Menyr with acts, characters, events and more.

Music Integration

You will be able to use your favourite streaming plateform playlists in engine so you don’t have to alt-tab and your players can enjoy the music without trouble.

Cinematic Mode

Procedural cameras will allow to present any place to your players in a cinematic way, without having to control anything.

PDF & Text Importer

You can read any PDF or text you want to import directly in Menyr in a very cool book-like feature.

World Population

Have your worlds populated with NPCs and shopkeepers automaticaly.

Menyr maps to 2D animation

You’ll be able to convert your Menyr maps into exportable looped webm.

2D to IG 3D

You’ll be able to import your 2D maps (only top view) and Menyr will convert them as a 3D world for you.


Unlock achievements and ea
rn objects and other cosmetics.

Voice modifier

In game voice modifier so you can impersonate your characters with more convincing tone.