Off to a good start

Hello everyone,

After about a week of starting to advertise Menyr and going public on diferent plateforms like Reddit, Discord and the regular social medias, we have now hundreds of people subscribed to our newsletter and above a hundred people that joined the discussion on our Discord channel. This is a success in my book and we at NOG are extremely happy of the feedback from the public. So far it has been nothing but positive, with hundreds of people across the globe letting us know how excited they are about Menyr.

But you don’t come to this blog to see company bragging, you want to get some insider info and I’m here to deliver.

-At the time of writing this lines we are working on finishing the website for public release, it should include the most awaited “Detailed Features”, “FAQ”, and “Roadmap” for you to get into the details of what Menyr is all about.

-We are having some minor issues in the current build of Menyr that prevents us to be able to make a live demo and we are working on that every day because we believe this is what people really want as soon as possible. We should be good on that front in about two weeks.

-We are closing on our final version of the Kickstarter video cut that includes all the features we want to show, laying the work left before our September release pretty clearly.

For these blog posts, I’m thinking about talking more in depth about our design and tech choices, listing what we are working on and more. This will depend on what you want to see because this blog is made for you. Don’t hesitate to let me know on Discord and I’ll adjust the following blog posts accordingly.

Until next time,