Hello World

Hello everyone and welcome to this dev blog. My name is Fabien but friends call me Dash, I’m one of the three co-Director and co-Owner of NOG Studio, developpers of Menyr.

I wanted to start this blog so you can have a more “backstage” access to the development of the project. I’ll share here our advancement, the choices we make, the direction we’re taking thanks to the community feedback and more.

As a first blog post I’ll start with a glance at what we have accomplished so far, out of the public eye. I was going through our old files and realized how proud I am of the work our team has put out. Below one of the first screenshot of -at the time- Project UTC a couple years ago, and one of the last one I personnaly took in engine a couple days ago.

I think this speaks volumes about what lies ahead and I’m very excited to finaly get the community on board.

Please join the discussion on our Discord channel where the whole dev team is the most active.

Until next time,